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Wesley Jaimungal


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Wesley Jaimungal REALTOR®

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My parents always taught me the value of working hard and being independent, so right out of high school, I started a small car dealership business, while attending college.  My mission was to wholesale cars to several local Central Florida auctions, while not incurring any college debt. Running my own company, not only paid for my degree, but it also taught me the value of working to attain a goal, having real life working experiences, and the importance of networking. 

My company also allowed me the opportunity to interact with the public on a daily basis, which I enjoyed immensely. It’s my entrepreneurial spirit, and the pleasure of working with the public is what brought me to the world of real estate.  Born and raised in Central Florida, I pride myself on being a true local, and even though this is a new career field, I am confident I can apply my same work values of hard work, integrity, and outstanding client service from my startup company to ensure I show my clients the best Central Florida has to offer. 


In my free time, I enjoy riding bikes, working out and boating.